Our Team

With many fruitful years of industry experience, founder and CEO Josh Grooms possesses close relationships with scouts from major agencies around the world and clients from around the midwest market. 


As an agent and business owner, his leadership and business ideology is based on the philosophy of a commitment to his talent, their individuality, stories and their futures. With a personalized approach to development, management, and placement, he and the team build a model's career from the ground up. 


As a person who values his talents' time and growth, Josh personally handles all bookings and offers workshops--be it in-person education or remote--for each talent. He is proud of our hands-on approach and strives to nurture our talent and foster lasting relationships. Josh believes that the "Rune Family" is and always will be his clients, contractors, employees, talent, and their families.

Josh grew up in a very small and conservative country-town where uniqueness and those who break the mold were not accepted and were ostracized for being different. Growing up with a big family of hard-working construction workers, he cites his upbringing as the inspiration for his agency - celebrating the unique personalities, stories, and passions of his talent. 


Emma Paskoff gained her interest in this industry at a very young age by watching America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and constantly reading Vogue. She was signed by our Director who worked as her mother agent to nationally contract her with MMG in New York City. Emma has booked numerous local runway shows, hair shows, and shot with celebrity photographers such as Sebastian Smith. Emma is an experienced coach who specializes in runway, photo movement, and fashion.


While helping to develop Talent, she quickly realized that the joy she got from helping others grow and succeed in this industry outweighed the excitement of booking jobs herself; which is why she became an Agent and has dedicated her time to help get her talent to the national contract level. Emma has helped develop talent that are now placed with Option 1 Models, Stewart Talent, MP Management, etc. Not only does Emma help Models perfect their runway walks to line up with the industry standard, but also works to help talent make the life style change that is crucial to becoming successful including, fitness, nutrition, social media, and style.


As an Agent, Emma strives to discover talent and help put them on the path to be a successful model in this industry. 


Christian Mason starting working in this industry in the beginning of 2019 under the guidance of Joshua Grooms and Emma Paskoff. He has been gaining the knowledge about the Entertainment Industries, learning the ins and outs of the industry while working with our Talent. His passion for the industry continues to grow as the Talent we represent become placed nationally and internationally. Christian's goals are to be able to help develop and grow each and every individual that has a passion for this industry.


Being our Chief Financial Officer, he graduated from University of Southern Indiana, Class of 2019. He achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Accounting.